DNA Infusion


Don’t miss this rare opportunity with the founders of YWAM! October 15th – 27th, 2017. – Apply Today!

DNA Infusion is a 2-week YWAM leadership event that will focus on Jesus-style leadership, give understanding about Youth With A Mission’s “DNA” and help better equip you to lead YWAM into the future according to the ways of God.

At the DNA, we will identify key “words of the Lord” and values and principles that embody our unique call as YWAM, and then make sure that they stand as the firm foundation for what we become in the future. That’s why it’s called DNA Infusion: “DNA” refers to the essential genetics of our missions tribe that we believe God wants to multiply into successive generations of YWAMers for health and fruitfulness.

But in addition to carrying the genetic code, every individual YWAM leader must have personal character and a Biblical understanding of leadership to propel us with strength into the future.

There is a simple truth about DNA:  it is least altered the closest to its source of origin.  DNA Infusion is led by one of “the originals,” Darlene Cunningham, the co-founder of Youth With A Mission.


We want to draw in leaders – “young Davids” just preparing to take on their lions and bears, and seasoned warriors – from the across Africa and around the world, especially focusing on those from  the island nations of the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros); Southern Africa and  South Central Africa. DNA Infusion Africa will be offered in English, French and possibly Portuguese, if needed.


From Darlene Cunningham, you will receive a positive infusion of practical “where-the-rubber-meets-the-road” wisdom. Darlene will focus on Jesus – the perfect model for leadership – in very specific, down-to-earth ways. And she will always, always point you to the faithfulness of God. She is a people-developer, translator of vision and implementer as well as a “potential extractor” – she often sees giftings within people they don’t even know they have, and calls them forth. She is uniquely qualified to give insight to YWAM leaders because she understands the lifestyle, pressures and joys of the mission from an inside perspective.

Loren will give us the “big picture” of world missions and how every individual and every ministry functions to fulfill God’s forever dream of reaching every creature. The urgent need in his heart these days is a passion to End Bible Poverty Now, making the word of God available to every home on earth by 2020. David Hamilton will also help to paint the global picture of what God is doing in missions globally, along with specific strategies of how to reach every creature and disciple all the nations. He is a man of faith, and the father of many mission innovations such as 4K, Uniskript, the SourceView and SphereView Bibles and a new, many-tiered SourceView Bible App that allows us to search the scriptures in never-before depth.


Topics likely to be covered:  

    • • Jesus, our leadership model
    • • Belief tree
    • • YWAM history, covenants and foundational values
    • • YWAM DNA: our origins and future
    • • Character qualities of a godly leader
    • • Current words of the Lord to YWAM global leaders
    • • Co-creating with God
    • • YWAM’s apostolic/pioneering call
    • • Implicational thinking and question asking
    • • How to engage to End Bible Poverty Now
    • • Families in missions
    • • Understanding God-given domains of authority
    • • Spheres of societal influence

DNA Infusion is an integrated event, with worship, teaching, intercession, discussion, application, scripture meditation, strategizing, questions and answers all interwoven. It’s important that all participants attend every session and are present from the start to the finish of the event. We also believe that the prayer, discussion and networking that will happen around the dinner table and other informal contexts among those gathered can be as important and God-directed as the content that is shared “up front” in the classroom.


We trust that those who come will be refreshed, that you will gain biblical leadership wisdom and equipping, that kingdom networks of relationships will be forged, that strategies for the region (and the world) will be birthed, and that new ministries will be encouraged and launched from this faith-filled environment, as we hear from the Lord together.

1) must have completed a YWAM DTS
2) must be committed to serve with YWAM long-term
3) must be currently serving in a YWAM leadership role or have recognized leadership potential.


Participant fee for the two weeks:

Off Base (secure your own housing) includes lunch & supper
Cat A: R3 750
Cat B: R2 850
Cat C: R2 400

On Base accommodation includes ALL meals
Cat A: R4 000
Cat B: R3 100
Cat C: R2 800
Payment will be required in South African Rand (ZAR)