ASIA 2 AFRICA Backpackers DTS


Upcoming School: March 31- August 31, 2018 // ASIA 2 AFRICA Backpackers DTS – Apply Today!

Unlike a regular DTS, the ASIA2AFRICA Backpackers DTS is a mobile DTS that will be constantly on the move, consisting both a spiritual and physical journey to discover what God has in store for during that season and for the ones to come.

A Discipleship Training School is more of an experience than it is a school, where you can develop truth, faith, and character. You will be able to encounter God and His nature and character through His Word and through the culturally-diverse students and staff.

As Dietrich Bonhoeffer puts it, only the believers obey and only the obedient believe, God is calling every believer into faith-led obedience to reach out for His dreams for every individual and for the nations, living the full potential of the Great Commission and pursing the souls of all mankind for Jesus. The heart of this school is to disciple each of you into a deeper relationship with God, finding out who you are in Him, and who He has called you to be.
Every nation and culture has a contribution at the table of God’s kingdom and a part to play in its extension. The ASIA2AFRICA theme of this DTS, as its name suggests, is to develop God’s heart for cross-continental and cross-cultural missions, especially between Asia and Africa.

The Vision of this school is
For people to discover God’s heart for the Nations especially among the unreached nations and as the individual student discover their own Identity, Dignity and Destiny to find their place in God’s global purpose

Meet The School Leader

Virmz Largo

Virmz is a global nomad! He has travelled in more than 65 countries and is involved in the International Backpackers Ministry Network. He been involved with DTS’s in the last 13 years and is one of the Global Elders for YWAM Muizenberg. Virmz is also the International Coordinator for Nations2Nations.


This 6-month school that starts in Cambodia and ends in South Africa will consist lectures in various places in Asia for the first 3 months before going on to outreach phase either in Africa or other parts of Asia for another two months. The subjects include: Discipleship; Identity in Christ; The Nature and Character of God; Sin, Repentance & Forgiveness; Father Heart of God; Holy Spirit; God’s Heart for the Nations; Redeeming Cultures; Missions & Evangelism; Destiny and Calling and many more… (Subject to change). Apart from the lectures, the DTS will be given opportunities to do local outreaches in the communities and churches to effectively apply what they learn during class.

March 31 – August 31, 2018

Tuition Cost
This will be made known in the next few months

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Note: This school is the entry level course for anything you want to do in YWAM, whether that be becoming a full-time staff member or continuing on in your education through the University of the Nations.