Discipleship Training Schools

Our Dts schools


Discipleship Training Schools are at the heart of Youth With A Mission.

A Discipleship Training School is a six-month program where every individual involved will personally experience God holistically and live the exhilarating adventure of taking His beautiful message to the nations! They will effectively apply the truth of God to their lives and be further equipped to discover and fulfil their own unique purpose that God has appointed for each one of them.

Why should you do a DTS?
Consisting of two separate phases – lecture phase and outreach phase, the Discipleship Training School is more an experience than it is a school; an experience where you develop truth, faith, and character. If you’re tired of the typical classroom setting where you stay seated and absorb facts, then this is the place for you. It’s a place where transformation becomes tangible as you allow knowledge to be translated into realities whilst you apply it to day-to-day activities. During your DTS, you will embark on a breathtaking journey deep into the heart of God. It involves learning to see God, yourself and others as God does, while instilling within you a heart for everyone to know, experience and enjoy Him. It is also a place where you will be given the opportunity to put that heart into action through hands-on experience in local ministry as well as on your outreach.

At the heart of any DTS is this – to know God and to make Him known!

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