September CAR DTS

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What is a Discipleship Training School (DTS) ?

The Discipleship Training School is more an experience than it is a school. An experience where you develop truth, faith, and character. If you’re tired of the normal classroom setting where you sit back in your chair and absorb facts from a talking head then this is the place for you. A place where we mix classroom with real life and expose you to experiences that leave you and the world changed forever. During your DTS you will journey into the heart of God. This journey involves learning to see God, yourself and others as God does. It is a time that will instil within you a heart for everyone to know him, and it is a place where you will be given the opportunity to put that heart into action through hands on experience in ministry in Muizenberg as well as on your outreach. At the heart of any DTS is this…to know God and to make Him known.

Our vison for this dts is: To train and equip young people who are passionate for Christ and willing to make a difference in the lives of children at risk. 

Children at Risk (CAR) DTS – Would you like to be one of those used by God to reach out to children at risk and help in restoring their dignity and transforming their individual lives, families and their community

This school is for Christians who are passionate about reaching out to children at risk, like street children, kids from broken families, children with HIV/AIDS, and many other categories of children at risk. Teaching with this focus will happen one day a week during lecture phase and will be the main focus on the outreach phase of the school.

Every Friday during lecture phase there will be a different speaker and a focus on topics relating to children at risk. All speakers are practitioners in there particular field.



Toby Brouwer //
Toby has worked with children at risk for the last 26 years and is passionate about training, mentoring and coaching the next generation. He is the Co-founder of Beautiful Gate and Beautiful Gate International. Beautiful Gate is an organization, which has projects for children at risk in South Africa, Lesotho and Zambia. Toby is known as Charlie and calls his team Angels!! He Joined YWAM in 1991. Toby is a pioneer and visionary leader. He is passionate about project development and networking. He is involved in coaching and mentoring of leaders in Africa, facilitating resource development, advocating the plight of children and families. Developing organizational capacity in Beautiful Gate organizations and other YWAM ministries in Southern Africa. Toby holds a Masters in Christian Formation and Discipleship with the University of the Nations within Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Aukje Brouwer //
She is married to Toby and together they have been in mission for 26 years. Aukje has a passion for teaching and facilitation workshops. She founded together with Toby, Beautiful Gate, an organization reaching out to children at risk. She also founded the Dignity Campaign as she believes that the church is called to continue the dignifying work of Jesus amongst girls and women. A fun fact about Aukje is that she doesn’t like to cook yet she loves to have people over for supper. She completed her DTS in 1991 and a school of Biblical counseling in 1993. She speaks on the Character and nature of God and the Father Heart of God in DTS.


Lecture phase: 25 Sept – 15 Dec
Outreach phase: 16 Dec 2017 – 23 February 2018
Graduation: 01 March 2018

Tuition Cost

YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category. You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall in to and financial policies here.

Cat A:  R21 250
Cat B:  R15 500
Cat C:  R13 500
Application Registration Fees: (Although this fee is part of the application process, these fees can be added to your school fee to avoid expensive bank charges for depositing small amounts of money)
Cat A: R500
Cat B: R300
Cat C: R250

In addition, there is a cost for the “Outreach Phase” of your DTS. This cost can vary from R25 000 – R35 000
*Prices subject to change depending on location*


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Note: This school is the entry level course for anything you want to do in YWAM, whether that be becoming a full-time staff member or continuing on in your education through the University of the Nations.